Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Product Reviews From Influenster

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All opinions in this post are mine, although I did receive these products free from Influenster for testing purposes.

I recently also enrolled on a website called Influenster.  It's a website where you can review products, answer questions, give your honest opinions, all for the benefit of others.  They also use the surveys and reviews you've done to qualify you for their 'voxbox' program.  These boxes are sent to folks that are in a certain market and contain various products for you to try.  Of course, in return they ask that you review these products and take a survey on your use and future use of them.

Recently I qualified for their 'TLC Vox Box' for moms!  It has a lot of great products in it!  Here's what I got:  Neosporin Neo To Go, Breyer's Gelato Indulgence (coupon for product), Ivory Bar Soap, AVON Anew Reversalist Express Wrinkle Smoother, Puffs To Go, and a Shell Fuel Rewards Network Card.

While I haven't tried everything yet, I already know that the Neo To Go is going to come in really handy for a certain mini-red-head in the family.  In fact, last night he fell on his head (again) and now has a good bruise brewing.  And we are always in need of more tissue in the truck.  And after my last round with a sinus infection a few weeks ago, I have a new love of the Puffs with Lotion!

I'm waiting to use my Breyer's coupon until I know I can get it home without it melting.  Just one of the problems of those that live so far out of town and happen to reside in the middle of Texas.  And I'm currently checking out Pinterest for all the uses of the Ivory Bar Soap.  Wow!

But the product I have used the most, and that I'm loving, is that Shell Fuel Rewards Card.  As said above, we live way out of town.  So I drive a lot.  So anything that will get me a little break on fuel prices, I'm all over.  My first use gave me $.03/ gal off.  It may not sound like a lot, but over time I know it'll add up!

I'm happy I signed up with Influenster, and hope to be able to continue with them for a while!  Thanks @Influenster for the complimentary products!

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