Our Barndominium

I'm planning on chronicling our journey through building our house, which we've been wanting to do for years now.  We've decided to build a 'barndominium,' or a metal building that is finished on the inside like a house.  Hopefully we'll be able to give some insight to others about the process, along with some ideas!

We had two crews coming in on the first day of erecting the building.  The metal building crew came in early that morning, and again, I didn't get there that early!  The wood framing crew (who framed out all the interior walls of the house and wood framing in the exterior walls that needed it) came in a little later in the morning.  By lunch, they had a lot of progress!  The entire process of erecting the metal building and interior framing took 4 days.  Yes, FOUR DAYS.  We had 12 people there, and they worked hard!  It rained of and on throughout that time and those guys would just work right through it!

Lunch the First Day.

First Day
Tin going on.
Tyvek on first, then tin. 

Front of House.  Windows and Doors In.

Front of House.  Garage is the area with no wood framing.

From the inside.

Standing in Living Room, looking into garage (left) and master suite (right).
Standing in Garage, Looking at Ceiling Joists across Living Room
Almost complete.  You can see on the front of the house where the porches will attach.

Adding the porch frames.

Concrete showed up EARLY in the morning and I wasn't there for the first few trucks.  I had to get kids to school afterall, right??

Finished slab, ready for the next step!
Finishing it out

Even though we have family experience in concrete, we hired a crew to help with the 'heavy lifting' so to speak.  They helped get everything set up and ready for steel and concrete.

Reference pic from similar angle (I'll be trying to get this shot on all of the steps!)

The Trenches

The first step... creating the 'dirt' pad.  This process took a few days.  Luckily, we were able to dig the material on the property and our family has the equipment to do this ourselves!

Caliche pad with markers set up for house.  Ready for concrete crew!
Caliche pad leveled.

Moving dirt before adding caliche.

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