Monday, August 15, 2016

The Summer of '16

The Summer of '16 has snuck up upon us and is already gone!  School starts in a week and a half and then routine takes over.  (Thank goodness!)

What have we done this summer, you ask?  Well, no vacationing, that's for sure.  Mostly working, trying to keep goats alive, and trying to keep kids alive.  We've managed to get a few projects done around the house, but still aren't anywhere near 'done' with this 'new' house.  Still many more things to do!

We did take a little day trip jaunt down to the Frio, courtesy of some sweet friends of ours that allowed us to use their private access.  It was a quiet, lazy day floating and watching the kids play.

And we've spent some time porch-sitting and enjoying God's beauty as we see it from our home.  Family pictures were taken, goats were birthed, bought, sheared, and tamed.  And work.  It was done, over and over again, as necessary.

We hope you and yours have had a great Summer of '16!

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